Red Monkey Foods

Global Sourcing for High Quality Ingredients.

We operate with direct farm or co-op sourcing, as we partner with farms around the world to collect organic quality product.

Supply Chain

Supply chain diagram

Our safe supply chain delivers high quality organic spices and seasonings. With a broad and diverse supplier base, we are able to source specialty items consistently and mitigate or reduce the risk of supply chain interruptions.

Red Monkey Foods’ Suppliers

We are established in international growth regions

Our broad supplier base allows us to source specialty items consistently.

  • Turkey

    Oregano, Poppy, Cumin & Bay Leaves

  • Guatemala


  • Canada

    Beans & Rice Flour

  • Peru


  • Bolivia


  • Brazil


  • France


  • Albania


  • Egypt

    Basil, Celery, Dill, Marjoram & Parsley

  • Sanliurfa, Turkey


  • Uganda

    Cayenne & Sesame

  • Pakistan

    Pink Salt

  • Greece


  • India

    Turmeric, Cumin, Cayenne, Coriander, Fenugreek & Nutmeg

  • Sri Lanka

    Black Pepper, White Pepper & Cloves

  • Thailand


  • Vietnam

    Black Pepper & Cinnamon

  • China

    Onion & Garlic

  • Philippines


  • Israel

    Paprika & Panko

  • Indonesia


  • Morocco

    Rosemary & Thyme


Seasoned to your customers’ tastes.

We pride ourselves in being flexible and innovative to suit our customers’ needs.

The fun of flavor comes with experimenting, customizing and tweaking to perfection. Let Red Monkey Foods create unique flavor solutions for your business.

Bottle and packaging samples
Bottles and flexible packaging

Food safety

Quality and safety at the highest level.

We live up to the gold standard of quality in everything we do.

Validation Program for Suppliers & Products

At Red Monkey Foods, we enforce a strict adherence to our Quality Validation Program for all suppliers. This process begins at origin where we work closely with a supplier to conduct an extensive audit process before we sign a purchase agreement. Our suppliers are required to provide accredited Quality and Food Safety certificates such as SQF, BRC and ISO. Validated program certificates such as National Organics (NOP), Kosher, Non-GMO and Social Accountability are also required. Raw material samples are reviewed prior to shipment to ensure only the best is released to ship to Red Monkey Foods.

SQF Level 3 Certification

SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Level 3 incorporates both food safety and food quality in the process management system. As implementation of the new Food Safety Modernization Act rules continue throughout our industry, SQF Level 3 pushes those companies who are certified to go above and beyond FSMA requirements. Procedures and processes must be both verified and validated for food safety and quality across all company activities. We are part of an elite group of companies certified at the highest level of SQF Certification, seeking a gold standard of quality in everything we do.

Other Certifications

Red Monkey Foods carries several additional certifications, Kosher through the Orthodox Union, Organic Certifiers verifies the Organic program and many products are Non-GMO Verified. Additional certifications may be complete based upon customer needs.

Certification logos